Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tea and Symphony - An Asylum For The Musically Insane (@flac)

This innovative band from Birmingham represented one of the best examples concerning the raising of the proto-prog and art rock scene in the late sixties,in the vein of the early King Crimson and regarding also of the experimental side of bands such as East of Eden (listen to "Merkator Projected).Naturally Tea&Symphony, sometimes considered as an obscure cult band,could not think of emulating the successful debut of Fripp&c... anyway They were much closer to classic prog than the majority of the proto-prog bands of the same period. This stuff is one of the most experimental and exoteric as well, in comparison to their contemporary english bands of the late sixties, by using a different set of instruments and interesting vocal harmonies too!! Moreover the odd instrumental combinations and strange dissonances as well, are performed skillfully ...even though not all this stuff will appeal to you. Some obscure tunes and a sort of brainmstorming too, complete this memorable album, which will be an important reference also for bands such as US 70's Cathedral or the european Shylock in the following years...
If you are into this crazy treatment of lyrics and music in the same time,typical of some UK 60's proto-prog bands,without remarking their immature arrangement too much, sometimes being a bit raw, you will remain appealed to such stuff. Besides their defined lyrics and good construction of the songs as well, are well worth checking out !!
Of course this is not a masterpiece,nevertheless it exercised a strong influence on the 70's classic progressive bands, characterized by some barbered-wire dissonances and a different approach too, in comparison to the usual romantic bands of that period.

Recommended as an historical document!!

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