Monday, November 3, 2008

EDUARDO BORT - same (1974) Spain (@flac)

Eduardo Bort is a Spanish guitarist who released his eponymous album in 1974. It mixes symphonic pieces with raging guitar and romantic interludes to make an album which rewards repeated plays. 'Thoughts' opens with good use of orchestra, including tubular bells, overlaid with synth swoops and a passionate vocal, making for an excellent introduction to the album. The nine minute 'Walking On The Grass' closes with a frenetic guitar solo, showing just what a good guitarist he is. 'Pictures Of Sadness' shows his other side, with a lyrical solo punctuating the riffs that hold the song together. 'Yann' features a magnificent guitar and mellotron duel, leading into the almost pastoral 'En Las Riberas Del Yann' which closes the album in a lush mix of strings and guitar. Although credited to Bort he only has a hand in composing four of the six tracks, but the overall writing blends in so that the whole album flows very well. It has lyrics that are split between English and Spanish, although to be honest you don't really notice too much when you are listening to the great music, and you can hear why this has been hailed as one of the best ever Spanish progressive albums.

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