Wednesday, November 12, 2008

EPITAPH - same (1971) @flac

"Comprised of 2 Germans and 2 Brits, Epitaph's sound is similar to the traditional British progressive heavy rock genre along the lines of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin. However, one can not overlook the effect which King Crimson had on Epitaph. Non-Crimson fans should note that the Crimzoids had a track titled 'Epitaph' on their 1969 debut LP; oddly enough, there is a track on Epitaph's debut which could easily be mistaken for this track! Coincidence?

'Epitaph 1971 (remastered & expanded in 2005)' features five guitar driven rock tracks + 5 bonus tracks , which are quite derivative at times of more popular British bands. The album opens with 'Moving To The Country' is a straight forward rock number reminiscent of early Uriah Heep. Following this is 'Visions', a slow atmospheric ballad heavily influenced by King Crimson's 1969 track 'Epitaph', the track contains lush mellotron and the chord sequence and lyrics similar to Pink Floyd's 'Echoes'. Though derivative of both of these two great bands, 'Visions' sticks out as the best track on this album. 'Hopelessly' is another progressive heavy rock tour de force. This track builds slowly and contains an extended instrumental section. 'Little Maggie' contains a nice chorus hook and a playfully jangly blues/folk guitar similar to Jimmy Pages' work. Perhaps the most original composition from the LP, 'Early Morning', contains a fairly complex arrangement and an ominous sound. The album manages to stand on its own and should appeal greatly to fans of progressive heavy rock.

Remastered - Expanded

Cliff Jackson - Guitar, Vocals
Klaus Walz - Guitar, Vocals
Bernd Kolbe - Bass, Mellotron, Vocals
Jim McGillivray - Drums, Vocals

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Thanx a lot!
Great band. Visions sounds even King Crimson like.

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