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Mike Oldfield - Boxed (1976)

Boxed is a compilation album written and mostly performed by Mike Oldfield, released in 1976. It features quadraphonic remixed versions of his first three albums (Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn) and some collaborations.

Oldfield later explained that instead of being true 4 channel sound, the initial quad remix of Tubular Bells, released a few months after the stereo version, was a "strange fake out-of-phase system", because it was so complex a mix without automation. The quad remix of Tubular Bells on Boxed was entirely different and true 4 channel sound (later released on SACD). The Boxed-CD version still contains the SQ-encoded quad mixes and plays as normal stereo without a quad decoder. The SQ quad remix Hergest Ridge is the only version of the album available on CD, as Oldfield disliked the original vinyl mix.

"The Sailor's Hornpipe" finale from Tubular Bells has an extended speech from Viv Stanshall, which is from the recording sessions at The Manor Studio (see Tubular Bells original ending).

Tubular Bells was re-mixed in quad by Phil Newell, assisted by Alan Perkins. Hergest Ridge was re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield. Ommadawn was re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield and Phil Newell.

CD 1
1. Tubular Bells - Part One (Mike Oldfield) 25:30
2. Tubular Bells - Part Two (Mike Oldfield except Sailor's Hornpipe [Traditional] ) 23:20
3. The Rio Grande (David Bedford) 6:34
4. Portsmouth (Featuring Leslie Penning) (Traditional, arrangement Mike Oldfield) 2:04
5. In Dulci Jubilo (Featuring Leslie Penning and William Murray) (Traditional, arrangement Mike Oldfield) 2:51

CD 2
1. Hergest Ridge - Part One (Mike Oldfield) 21:24
2. Hergest Ridge - Part Two (Mike Oldfield) 18:46
3. Extract from Star's End (Featuring David Bedford, Chris Cutler and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) (David Bedford) 7:33
4. Argiers (Traditional, arrangement Mike Oldfield) 3:59
5. Speak Tho' You Only Say Farewell (Featuring David Bedford) (Ray Morello, Horatio Nicholls) 2:56

CD 3
1. Ommadawn - Part One (Mike Oldfield) 20:06
2. Ommadawn - Part Two (Mike Oldfield) 17:22
3. Phaeacian Games (David Bedford) 3:59
4. First Excursion (Mike Oldfield, David Bedford) 5:57

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burghman said...

Thanks for posting Oldfield's box. RAR of CD1 is looking for part9, but only 8 parts are listed in your txt file.

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Just checked and it is OK. Try again.

burghman said...

All ok on the 2nd download. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks!!!

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Thanks. I'm guessing this should sound much better than my 30 year old vinyl copy and it saves me getting out my turntable. Great job.