Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leonard Cohen - The Essential Leonard Cohen 2 CD (@flac)

"This two-disc retrospective traces the Canadian bard's musical maturity from poet and novelist who sang a little to multidimensional artist whose oracular vocals and increasingly rich arrangements are every bit as compelling as his verse. Even when Cohen came to prominence through the 1960s songcraft of "Suzanne" and "Bird on a Wire," the "folksinger" tag never really fit. Later highlights ranging from the deadpan drollery of "Tower of Song" and "Everybody Knows" to the apocalyptic anthemry of "First We Take Manhattan" and "Democracy" suggest that other labels might be more appropriate: cabaret surrealist, spiritual gadfly, sensual prophet, agent provocateur. Cohen chose the selections, drawing more than half of the 31 tracks from three landmark albums--his 1967 debut Songs of Leonard Cohen, 1988's I'm Your Man, and 1992's The Future--along with four from 2001's Ten New Songs. The collection justifies its title as deep as it goes, though it's a shame that Cohen's commercial profile couldn't justify the more elaborate box set his artistry warrants (one that would at least include lyrics and musician credits). Those who sample the consistently inspired music here might come to the conclusion that everything Cohen records is essential.

Disc one
1. "Suzanne"
2. "The Stranger Song"
3. "Sisters of Mercy"
4. "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye"
5. "So Long, Marianne"
6. "Bird on the Wire" (misspelled as "Bird on a Wire" on tracklist)
7. "The Partisan"
8. "Famous Blue Raincoat"
9. "Chelsea Hotel #2"
10. "Take This Longing"
11. "Who By Fire"
12. "The Guests"
13. "Hallelujah"
14. "If It Be Your Will"
15. "Night Comes On"
16. "I'm Your Man"
17. "Everybody Knows"
18. "Tower of Song"

Disc two
1. "Ain't No Cure For Love"
2. "Take This Waltz"
3. "First We Take Manhattan"
4. "Dance Me to the End of Love" (live)
5. "The Future"
6. "Democracy"
7. "Waiting for the Miracle"
8. "Closing Time"
9. "Anthem"
10. "In My Secret Life"
11. "Alexandra Leaving"
12. "A Thousand Kisses Deep"
13. "Love Itself"

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Richmond,VA.

What a beautiful site. It's obvious you put a lot of love and care into this place.

It's an attractive, easy to navigate blog with a helluva selection of grade A music offered at the highest quality - what's not to like?

Congrats on your first year - I'll be dropping by quite often, next time I'm here, I'll bring a fruit basket and some spring wine.

A couple of questions: 1. Is there a password for Leonard Cohen or have I just screwed up somewhere?

2. Are the fabulous Spooky Tooth albums past their shelf life?

I'm sure glad I found you.
Jeff McKee

mckee said...

Hello from Richmond, Va.

This is a beautiful site, it's obvious you put a lot of love and care into this place.

The layout is easy to navigate, the artwork is stellar, and your taste in music is aces.

two quick questions:

1. Is there a password for Leonard Cohen or did I screw up?

2. Those great Spooky Tooth albums you posted - have they passed their shelf life?

Thanks again, next time I drop by I'll bring something to eat.

Jeff McKee

. said...

Pass for Cohen is: AvaxHome

& Spooky Tooth links are still alive

Dave said...

Jeff McKee: Are you the same Jeff McKee that worked at KDWB back in 1976? I worked there part-time weekends. My email is dsenechal57@cs.com. David Senechal