Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aguaturbia - Psychedelic Drugstore (1970) @flac

"According to the Gibraltar EPR, Aguaturbia's music represents the 'psych' with wild 'wah-wah' guitar solos and great female vocals. While I agree with both the latter points absolutely, the band's stylistics has, in my view, just a little to do with real psychedelic music. It is not easy to make out the elements of it there even through a 'prism' of the album's specific title. At the Down of the Genre and Rock Music in general 'psych', along with Progressive, was one of the main musical constituents of the great Pink Floyd, as well as Clear Blue Sky and Hawkwind (apart from such real psych-makers as early Amon Duul II, Can, etc). I regard the music of Aguaturbia as one of the early manifestations of Progressive's Space Rock sub-genre: it is well known that the real Space Rock is, on the whole, quite heavy music. Not as progressive as the debut album of the Space Rock pioneers Clear Blue Sky*, Aguaturbia's "Psychedelic Drugstore" is, nevertheless, not only one of the best Space Rock albums. along with *"Out of the Blue", this is one of the most innovative and unique albums ever created within the frame of the sub-genre (to read the review on Clear Blue Sky's debut album.

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Anonymous said...

Great Album.Thanks

wajorama said...

I am listening to it right now: excellent album ... THNX A LOT FOR THE SHARE!!

You have a great blog: good selection and excellent quality!!

wajorama (Costa Rica)

teapot kobaia mamma said...

and another one that blows me away. i love heartbreaker!

DmAN+3L said...

Hello! thanx for all the beautifull music! is it something wrong with this link? Megupload says: The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. :(

. said...

"temporarily" should mean it will be back