Monday, January 5, 2009

Paul Rodgers And Company - The Hendrix Set (Live) @flac

On July 4, 1993, Paul Rodgers, the voice of Bad Company, Free, the Firm and the Law, assembled a first-rate band in Miami, Fl to play for Independence Day festivities. On this occasion, his guitarist was Neal Schon, former Santana protege and driving force behind Journey. Among the tunes they played that eve was a fabulous, hard-driving set composed by ultimate guitar man Jimi Hendrix. Starting with all-time fave "Purple Haze," Rodgers and co. rocked their way through twenty five minutes of pure magic. Schon wails away as if Jimi himself were playing the strings, while Rodgers, that master of understated passion, gives fresh vocal nuances to "Little Wing", finds the playfulness in "Foxy Lady," and grafts a couple of verses of Cream's "I Feel Free" onto "Stone Free". The combination fits like the proverbial glove! One last reminder: This set is an EP, not an LP, and as such is only about 25 minutes long, rather than the customary 50-60 minutes or more. However, Rodgers and Schon give more value to the music on this EP than most artists give to "full length" CDs.

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