Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BLOODROCK - same (1970) @flac

First off....let me set the record straight about Fantastic piece of architecture"......It is about a superb architect who builds a structure that recieves phenomenol acclaim.....he does NOT walk into the parlor and fall dead immediately actually talks about how the comparison to the architects own life...suffers the ravages of life...and the architect ages and becomes frail.....eventually lying down and dying in the parlor of his does the masterpiece die.....the love that the architect had for his creation...died with him....or something along that line.....and isnt party's think music.

There are some excellent rockers on this album..and some nice ballads as well.

Bloodrock - Fatback

Link: h!!p://


Blind Owl said...

Interesting album...How about
BloodrockII ?

Nice to see you back ..especially with these flac files.

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful taste. Anyone who stands behind the first Bloodrock album is OK in my book!!! Your blog is wonderful. Keep up the good work. You are appreciated!!!! TM