Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination/Edgar Alan Poe (DeLuxe Edition) 2CD (@FLAC)

Album Description
2007 digitally remastered two CD Deluxe Edition of the debut album from the Alan Parsons Project. featuring the original 1976 mix of the album, the 1987 remix and eight previously unreleased bonus tracks! Recorded at Abbey Road in 1975 and released in 1976, the idea for the Project came from manager and writer Eric Woolfson, who saw his role as an auteur, bringing together some of the greatest talents in music to bring to life Poe’s sinister, gothic tales. Enlisting the white-hot production whiz-kid Alan Parsons, fresh from his work with Wings and Pink Floyd, the duo set about making dreams reality. The album remains a singular, compelling work and can be seen as a bridge between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds.

Album Details

2007 Digitally Remastered Double CD Deluxe Edition of the Album Classic that Remastered by Alan Parsons Himself and Partner Eric Woolfson. This Special Package Includes the Remastered Original 1976 Edition, the 1987 Remix (Which Incorporated Dialogue by Orson Welles!) and Eight Previously Unreleased Tracks. Recorded at Abbey Road in 1975 and Released in 1976, the Idea for the Alan Parsons Project Came from Manager and Writer Eric Woolfson, who Saw his Role as an Auteur, Bringing Together Some of the Greatest Talents in Music to Bring to Life to Edgar Allan Poe’s Sinister, Gothic Tales. Woolfson Enlisted the White-hot Production Whiz-kid, Fresh from his Work with Wings and Pink Floyd, to Set About Making Dreams Reality. This Spectacular Debut Recording Remains a Singular, Compelling Rock Musical Work that was a Clearly Logical Step for Parsons to Take on his Own after the Accolades of "Dark Side of the Moon.

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Anonymous said...

What a deal!! Thanks for a great post!! I had a lousy copy of the original album only.

and I love the single file megaupload. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'd love to hear this but the link is dead ... please repost if you can!