Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ROBIN TROWER - Long Misty Days & In City Dreams (@flac)

I've been a Robin Trower fan since hearing the first note he recorded with Procol Harum. I kind of lost track of him after his outing with Jack Bruce but have recently begun to acquire on CD what I have on album.
BGO is pairing up some of the old Trower albums in order of issue. Unlike the last set (For Earth Below and Robin Trower Live), the two albums here complement one another in such a way that it seems they should have been issued together.
I like Trower's hard-rocking songs, there are plenty on offer here: Same Rain Falls, Hold Me, Pride, Further On Up The Road, and Caledonia. But I also like his more experimental and innovative side: Somebody Calling, Smile, Love's Gonna Bring You Round, and In City Dreams. Guitar lovers will thrill to Trower's heroics and James Dewar's matchless voice gives depth and soul to his music in much the same way that Jack Bruce's vocals expressed the soul of Cream.
There is also a softer angle to some of Trower's songs which sometimes works very well, as on Sweet Wine of Love and Little Girl, though Dewar's voice is usually at it's best on the grittier songs.
Long Misty Days and In City Dreams feature some of the best of Robin Trower's early solo work. If you have been with Trower all along, you already know that. But if you are a recent convert. this is one of the key recordings you should add to your collection. BGO has put together a pairing that really works and is worth every penny of the price. (K.H.)

Link: h!!p://www.megaupload.com/?d=7H66DS5M


JohnX said...

OMFG! 6 (SIX!) Robin Trower albums in a row! You really make me happy beyond any attempt! I already got a rock'n'roll boner a week ago when I saw the David Bowie albums and now this!
Most of rock music I own is on vinyl but I also pile up CDs since some years. Is there a way to participate? To post on your blog? Or upload stuff somewhere for you? Maybe it's not something you are looking for... Just tell me...
I'm also looking for some Canned Heat on CD, such as One More River To Cross, Allelujah, Future Blues and The New Age...

Anyway. Warm thanks full of twangy feedback for these gems! (Flac rules!)


. said...

Thanx! Everyone is welcome to participate...To keep downloaders on a safe side please send me uploaded links by email to rockanthology@gmail.com
and than I will post them after checking the content. This I must do to prevent some jokers to do something funny. All the files have to be in flac or ape. Also send me your comments about each file. I will also put your credits as an uploader.