Saturday, September 27, 2008

CAMEL - Mirage (1974) @flac

UK reissue of 1974 album, remastered from the original tapes & includes 4 bonus tracks 'Supertwister' (recorded live at The Marquee Club), 'Mystic Queen' (recorded live at the Marquee Club), 'Arubaluba' (recorded live at The Marquee Club) & 'Lady Fantasy-Encounter/Smiles For You/Lady Fantasy' (previously unreleased version). 2002.

2nd release from CAMEL which I would rank as one of my favorites from their discography. Heavily rooted in their classic sound, "Mirage" is a great exploration into CAMEL's soft instrumental passages and sonic harmonies. There are not any thunderous crashes or loud bangs on "Mirage" which instead work on warm and soothing space textures. The classic CAMEL line up is present (Bardens, Ward, Latimer and Ferguson) who perform to their best standard! "Mirage" contains 2 epic tracks ("Nimrodel The Procession The White Rider" and "Lady Fantasy") which are given lots of space to explore a fine range of dimly lit moods and melodies. Song are superbly crafted and contain some of CAMEL's most treasured musical moments. (J.U.)

Camel - Lady Fantasy Excerpt [Guitar Solo] - Live 1976

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