Thursday, May 14, 2009

TEN YEARS AFTER - Alvin Lee & Company (@flac)

Alvin Lee & Company is an album released in 1972 by Ten Years After on their old record label Deram after they had switched to Chrysalis Records. It consists of songs that didn't make it on the older records and a few alternative versions of old songs.

1. "The Sounds" - 4:13
2. "Rock Your Mama" - 3:02
3. "Hold Me Tight" - 2:20
4. "Standing at the Crossroads" (Elmore James, Arthur Johnson)- 4:03
5. "Portable People" - 2:15
6. "Boogie On" - 14:31
7. "Spider in My Web" - 7:19
8. "Hear Me Calling" - 3:48
9. "I'm Going Home" - 3:37

* Alvin Lee - guitar, vocals
* Chick Churchill - organ
* Ric Lee - drums
* Leo Lyons - bass




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