Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bye! Fela Kuti - Part 1

Dear friends! Soon I am going to Africa and will spend at least couple of years there. Therefore I will not be in position to update this blog. It was my pleasure to share some of my favorite music with you and I am feeling sad but at the same time happy cose I will soon be at the place where everything once began. I will keep the blog alive and for the last post here is the 2 part video by my favorite african musician - late Fela Kuti. God bless you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so! Goodbye, good luck, and thanks for all the wonderful music.

pat said...

good luck!and thanks for all,see you soon!

andre said...

Hey Man great that you find this spezial Place for you.From me again a big thanks for given back all of this good Sound.

Anonymous said...

Have fun...and thanks for the music!

Gordon said...

HUGE thanks for all the music. Good luck in Africa.

Anonymous said...

good luck in africa have enjoyed your site

Anonymous said...

All the best and thank you,

vlado AT

Anonymous said...

Svaka cast i sretan put ;)


Misongod said...

tttttttttttttttttttttthanks for all the good music!Good luck to you!

DJ Gordy said...

Have a good time in Africa. Fela Kuti was a great man, though sometimes very strange.

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vox1d said...

Great site! Just found it from link at Out of Focus (Krautrock).
Health & Happiness to you on you travels.

oceana said...

Bless you.
Enjoy the journey and come back energized ;- )

woodstock69 said...

great thanks for all this groovy music! do you want to link my blog? I will do the same in return.

you can use my links if you want!

amadeus :)

Ex Yu Pop Rock Madness said...

Great blog mate,

We would like to exchange the links with if you are interested. We are record collectors from Ex Yugoslavia and doing rare vinyls on our blog.

all the best

C├ęsar said...

¡ muchas gracias y mucha suerte !
have a nice time over there ! cheers