Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Deleted albums...

Most recent deleter photo --->
He is full of shit but do not change his diapers!!!

Dear friends, deletion has started here as well so hurry up with downloads. If you have alternative links for any posted albums please leave them in comments so we can have some alternative. Also, please report dead links.

For now links for 3 albums by Free are not usable any more.



Anonymous said...

WHO PAYS THEM !!!?????

poor said...

http://sharebee.com/ !!!!!
And deleters can s*** o** d**** !
(ili naski : p****** n**)

Mephisto said...

If you received any comments from these people or even emails please save them, do NOT delete them. Google (blogspot) is investigating these guys, together with Australian and US authorities. All evidence should be kept. These fanatics have been threatening some bloggers with violence even.

Also, you have every right to ask rapidshare, or any hoster that deletes your files, for a copy of the complaint email. I would do so, because that email ususally should have their IP in the mail headers as well.

Rapidshare has already submitted a whole batch of complaint emails to blogspot (Google) and they have forwarded them to the appropriate authorities that are investigating.
This is NOT just about deletions anymore

If you have received any threats, feel free fo report them to blogspot using their contact page here

YUTOPIA said...

Anthologijo , di si , !!???? nema te !!!!!

. said...

tu i tamo